COVID - 19

Current context
The current crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the entire business system to adapt to new work rules and protocols to be followed and executed as strictly as possible.
In this way, the LOD, in addition to the rules and protocols it had already stipulated, is obliged to comply with a contingency plan. Hygiene and disinfection protocols were implemented in order to protect both employees and customers.

Personal Hygiene

All LOD employees are trained in improving personal hygiene, from hand washing, treatment of work uniforms and respiratory etiquette rules

Informational labels

Vehicles that are used to transport passengers have an informational label for the use of a mask

Protective materials and equipment

All employees are provided with the necessary material for protection, cleaning and disinfection

Available for passengers

Passengers have at their disposal individual protective masks and alcohol gel for hands, before starting the trip

Protocols in working hours

Intensive training on the rules to be followed, from the use of individual protections, to the frequent disinfection of vehicles, during and at the end of each service

Follow up of rules

We respect and follow all the recommendations of the entities responsible for public health
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